New Editions!

We’re happy to announce that we are now publishing the Power Places Series. Under the Stone Paw is the first in the series followed by Beneath the Hallowed Hill.
Both are freshly edited with brand new covers.

CoverFinalMD-UnderTheStonePawA forgotten family legacy.

Six crystal keys.

One shot at unlocking the secrets beneath the Sphinx.

 Anne Le Clair, a successful, young attorney, has always managed to remain free from her family’s gothic past—until now. When she inherits her eccentric aunt’s antique necklace though, she finds no escape from its secrets. Anne is immersed in a crash course of forbidden wisdom, secret societies, and her family’s own legacy. She soon discovers that her aunt’s necklace is one of just six powerful “keys” that, when combined with the other five at the appointed time, unlocks the legendary Hall of Records. However, another group, the shadowy Illuminati, is working behind the scenes to uncover the same powerful secrets—and make them their own.

Katherine Kurtz, author of the Adept series, says “ . . . one of the best esoteric novels of the past decade.  Crater knows her way around Egypt and its mysteries.  Evil Illuminati, ancient artifacts, and conspiracies abound. Surpasses The Da Vinci Code.”

CoverFinalMD-BeneathTheHallowedHillThe Illuminati have opened a hole in time

And now one of them is stepping through

 Anne Le Clair travels to Glastonbury with her fiancée, Egyptologist and mystic Michael Levy, to investigate a house she inherited from a mysterious aunt…only to find trouble waiting. One of Avalon’s sacred twin springs is failing. Together, Anne and Michael try to restore the water flow, but discover there is much more at stake: the Illuminati master Alexander Cagliostro has activated an ancient crystal tower, tearing a hole in time which threatens much more than one sacred spring.

Meanwhile, in ancient Atlantis, Megan, priestess of the Crystal Matrix Chamber, flees the destruction of her world carrying with herself a vital artifact.

Audio of The Star Family Now Available!

Now you can listen to The Star Family. CoverFinalMD-TheStarFamily

A secret spiritual group. A recurring dream. A 400-year-old ritual that must be completed before it is too late

David Halliburton narrates the story of Jane Frey as she inherits a Gothic mansion filled with unexpected treasures. A prophecy claims it hides an important artifact – the key to an energy grid laid down by the Founding Fathers themselves. Whoever controls this grid controls the very centers of world power. Except Jane has no idea what they’re looking for.

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New Novel Available

Stacey gets a ticket to heaven.Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00009]
But restrictions apply.
After spending her life savings to fly to Europe and become a meditation teacher, Stacey is told to go home. Lesbians are not welcome. She’s lost the love of her life already. Will she lose the other half of her dreams now?

It’s the early 1970s. On a lark, Stacey Carmichael attends a lecture about meditation from one of those new Indian gurus who have suddenly appeared everywhere. Intrigued in spite of her skepticism, she learns to meditate— and has the experience of a lifetime. Delighted, Stacey pursues this new path, tasting the possibility of enlightenment, becoming at peace with herself, opening the doors of her own perception. Stacey decides to become a teacher of meditation herself—and then the human side of this organization rears its ugly head. Lesbians need not apply. Leave your partner, become a celibate, and then we’ll see. How can she give up this meditation that has given her so much? But how can she give up who she really is?

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